Trusted fuel ecosystem that authenticates relationships across the fuel lifecycle

Fuel Fraud Costs up to $7 Billion Annually

Powering Better Decisions with FuelTrust

FuelTrust leverages a technology platform that authenticates relationships across the fuel lifecycle, digitally verifies data from shared sources, validates compliance, and identifies potential fraud.

With deep insight into when, where and from whom quality fuel is supplied, our solution allows you to alleviate the financial impact of bad fuel, mitigate regulatory risk, and empower greener fleets.

Make compliance transparent

Identify potential fuel fraud and engine risks

Minimize supply chain friction and costs

Reduce carbon-sulfide pollution

Discover Where and How Risk Is Created

Imagine having full transparency into every touchpoint—from origin to destination—across the fuel lifecycle. That’s what Risk Provenance is all about. Less risk means less worry, and less financial impact to the bottom line.

whitepaper image: cost of fraud in the maritime fuel market

The Cost of Fraud in the Maritime Fuel Market

The $120B maritime bunker fuel market is rife with fraudulent behavior resulting in enormous losses—from common practices—that can be corrected through trusted technology that enables better transparency.

Today, fuel fraud and contamination problems cost the maritime industry billions of dollars a year. With pressure to reduce carbon-sulfide pollution globally, it’s critical we make fuel sulfur and carbon compliance transparent and reliable. Risk Provenance—understanding when and where risk occurs—will give the industry full transparency into every touchpoint, from origin to final destination. This will mean less risk, less impact on the bottom line, and a positive impact for the environment.

James A. Black
James A. Black
President / CEO, Moran Shipping Agencies, Inc.

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